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Kamikochi Myojin is an outstanding power spot

A mysterious, refreshing place away from the city ~ Kamikochi/Myojin
As you walk from Taisho Pond to Kappa Bridge and Myojin while enjoying a relaxing time in the forest, you will feel refreshed by the power of nature.
The sunrise over Mt. Myojin seen from Myojin is spectacular, and it is also the origin of the word Kamikochi from Kamigouchi, and recently it has also been called Kamifuri Pond (it means a pond where God descends).
Myojinkan, located in Myojin, is an inn that serves as a base for hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing.
You can fully enjoy the delicious air and the power of nature.

Power spot Kamikochi/Myojin

Scenery around Myojinkan

Myojin Pond

A leisurely 7-minute walk from Myojinkan
Myojin Pond, located inside Hotaka Shrine, has two ponds, one large and one small, Ichinoike and Ninoike, and is also called "Miyagawa Pond."
You can wash your mind in the crystal clear pond that never fully freezes even in winter.
The Okumiya of Hotaka Shrine enshrines the god of the sea, transportation, war, agriculture, and marriage throughout Japan, and the ancient general, the god of Hotaka, watches over the safety of the mountain.
Every year on October 8th, a ritual from before the Heian period is held in which a boat with a dragon's head and neck (ryutogekishusen) is floated.
*General walk-Myojin Pond (admission fee 300 yen)

The power spot of Myojin is strongest until around 7 a.m., making it perfect for a morning stroll while listening to the chirping of the birds.
Nilinsou Colony: From mid-May to around the 10th of the month. It is a mysterious flower that blooms only when the weather is good around 10am.

Mt. Hotaka (Mt. Myojin)

Mt. Hotaka, known since ancient times as Mt. Hotaka, unlike other Hotaka, is a mountain for the great Ajimu Shogun (Hotaka Myojin) and is respectfully referred to as Myojin-dake.
Myojinkan has rooms and a common terrace on the second floor of the inn where you can view the front of the peak of Mt.

Photos around Myojinkan
Myojin signpost
A panoramic view of Myojin Myojinkan, with the pond of Soto in the foreground

The charm of Mt. Myojin (honorific title of Mt. Hotaka)

Myojindake is a mountain that is full of charm in each of the four seasons, and also delights us with its various appearances depending on the weather and the time of day.
You can enjoy the view of the mountain from Myojinkan and enjoy climbing from Myojinkan as your base.

Mt. Myojin in the morning glow (Honorific title of Mt. Hotaka)

The central peaks of Mt. Myojindake

Mt. Myojin snow scene and autumn leaves s.jpg
Mt. Myojin = Mt. Hotaka from Tokumoto Pass entrance and Tokugo Bridge
Myojindake 5th peak from Myojin Pond
Myojindake main peak

Climbing time from Kamikochi

◆Climbing to Tokumotouge takes about 2 and a half hours. Climbing to Dakezawa takes about 3 and a half hours.
◆Climbing to Nishihotaka Sanso takes 4 and a half hours
◆Hotakarenpou, Mt. Yarigatake, Mt. Horozawa, Mt. Cho, Mt. Jonen, Mt. Yakedake, and the southern part of the Japanese Alps.
◆Climbing Mt. Yarigatake and Mt. Okuhotaka takes about 9 hours.
◆Climbing Mt. Chogatake where the morning scenery is spectacular takes about 6 hours.
◆Climbing to Karasawa takes about 5 hours
◆Climbing Mt. Yakedake takes about 4 and a half hours

 *This is the time required for a 60-year-old man to climb the mountain. The time will vary depending on the individual's physical strength and experience.

Climbing time from Kamikochi

Myojinkan is a base for walking, hiking and mountain climbing in Kamikochi

This is the inn for those who want to get away from the city and feel the atmosphere of the mountains.
The Matterhorn-like Myojin rock peaks of Mt.
The view from the inn is especially outstanding.

●The inn where you can enjoy nature
The morning scenery, the starry sky at can enjoy nature to the fullest.
・Wifi available: All cell phones are available.
・Public phone: 1 until around 21:00
If the inn receives a call to the guest, we generally do not make an announcement.
・Lights off at 21:30
Please go to bed early in preparation for your morning walk.

Business period: From April 25th to November 3rd, 2020

Kamikochi Sunrise Yado Myojinkan
10~ Main dining

​Call here




Myojin 4468, Azumi Kamikochi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture

 *Reservations cannot be made by fax.


  • Matsumoto Electric Railway Kamikochi Line, get off at Shinshimashima Station


  • 70 minutes from Shinshimashima Station, 45 minutes walk from Kamikochi bus stop


  • Park at Sawatari, which takes 60 minutes from the Matsumoto IC, and take a bus or cab. From the Kamikochi bus stop, it will take about 45 minutes to reach the final destination, Myojin, while taking a walk through the forest without crossing the Kappa Bridge.


  • No matter what mode of transportation you choose, from the Kamikochi bus stop, you will be walking for 45 minutes on level ground.

  • Carry bags cannot be used.

  • Please check in around 16:00.

  • Kamikochi is a no pick-up/drop-off area. No transportation is available.

  • Luggage storage is available at Kamikochi Bus Terminal. (Open until 17:00. You can leave it for more than one day.)

  • Many Internet maps do not show any sidewalks beyond the Kappa Bridge. Only the business driveway is shown.

Check-in 15:00~

Dinner is served just at 18:00, so please arrive around 16:00.

Check out ~08:30

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